About Us  


1983 – Foundation as a garments manufacturer & exporter.

1988 – New garment production facility. Growing up to 3000m2 production space.

1991 – Production of pigment printing on tubular knitted fabrics.

1994 – New printing facility. Second plant 2900m2 built for printing.

1996 – Dyehouse investment. First solid-dye batch produced.

1999 – Focusing solely on dyeing & printing & finishing as an entity. Second generation joining.

2003 – First sale of finished fabric with commission dyeing/printing continuing.

2005 – First fabrics export to Prato, Italy.

2012 – Investment on digital printing and first collection introduced in an international trade fair with support of Izmir Development Agency.

2016 – European office opened. 


Ercan Emirbayer, Textile Engineer, French, Italian, English

Mehmet Emirbayer, MBA, Textile Engineer, English

Eren Emirbayer, MBA, Mechanical Engineer, English, German, French